Sunday, August 22, 2010

Officially a Gleek!

I've become a true Gleek...a rabid viewer of the TV phenom "Glee".  Yes, I'm a grandmother and this is essentially a show about high school kids trying to feel less a geek than others, but I'm hooked.  The music (yes, there's lot of music!) is great.  The glee club in the show consists of a kid in a wheelchair, a girl who likes to dress a bit on the goth side and stutters, the football captain, his best bud, three cheerleaders, a couple of pop-lock dancers, a gay guy, an overweight gal, and the ingenue who has aspired to a life in showbiz since infancy.

The director of the glee club is the Spanish teacher, who attended the high school as a student and now relishes teaching.  He was a part of the glee club when he was younger and aspires to bring glory back to the school.  He truly cares about the kids.

His nemisis is the cheerleading coach, who thwarts his every move to improve the glee club, lest she lose any funds for her cheerleaders.

I have probably oversimplified here, but I love this show.  One episode had Mr. Shuester (the glee club director) trying out for the same part as his old rival from high school (played by Neil Patrick Harris).  They end up doing a superb duet of Aerosmith's "Dream On".  Fantastic!!

I've put several of the songs from this show into my playlist here.  The show is currently in reruns, and you can catch the previous five episodes on Hulu for free.

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