Monday, August 9, 2010

Got to get off of Facebook!

It's been forever since I've posted on this blog.  And I can tell you in one word why....FACEBOOK.  Ever since a friend told me about the games, it's been a downhill spiral.  I find I've just about given up any other hobbies I have.  It's a sickness, I tell you!  Another friend asked what the draw of games like Farmville is.  I couldn't answer.  I walk away from that game and am always drawn back as soon as they offer something new, which is every single week!  I know when I began to play, it was a creative outlet.  I enjoyed arranging my farm and my little YoVille apartment.  Then it was time to expand, move into a better house, etc.  Along with that came more "things" to decorate with.  And, of course, to be able to afford everything, you had to visit your friends/neighbors.  This led to becoming Facebook "friends" with complete strangers, all in the name of having enough neighbors to upgrade/expand/make more at the factory.

I've been able to effectively give up YoVille.  That is, as long as they don't create more levels :)  Now it's FrontierVille.  I actually enjoy this game.  It's more interactive than the others.  You have to complete quests to continue on.  There's still a raft of neighbors, again, mostly people I don't even know...but this game is appealing to me more than the farm.

I suppose the fact that I work at home and am at the computer all day contributes to this Facebook craze.  But I need to turn it off and get back to my sewing/knitting/crocheting/reading/fill in the blank that I have ignored for waaaaay too long.

Yes, I know one of the last posts I made here was about Facebook, but that should tell you all something :)  It's an addiction that I, personally, want to get control of.  So, wish me luck!  And if you see me on the farm, just wave and pretend you don't know me.....because you probably don't :)

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