Saturday, December 22, 2007

We're having a boy!

There was no doubt about it....the ultrasound showed a baby boy! And all four chambers of his heart were visible, so that worry is over. Now the hard part....waiting for him to be born! He is due May 10th, which seems so far away :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whatever will be, will be

I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting word from my son and daughter-in-law on the outcome of today's ultrasound. Their first child had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and sadly passed away just three months ago at the age of 13 months. Today's ultrasound should be able to show all four chambers of a healthy heart. I know you are listening, Lord. Hopefully, we will also find out if it's a boy or a girl. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 10, 2007

And now for some knitting...

As I searched for a picture to use as a button for my brand new blog, I came across this awesome knit wonder! It's called the organic popcorn hat. Now, I'm sure it's a hat and mittens, but it looks so cool the way they have it set up.

Speaking of's what is currently on my needles. A doubleknit potholder for my aunt in yellow and white cotton. This is my first attempt at double knitting. A biscuit blanket in dark green Lion cotton for a holiday exchange I'm in. A baby blanket in yellow Softee chunky. And various dishcloths from KALs.

I also have a crocheted cloth in progress in an earthtones ombre.

Eventually, I hope to have a digital camera so I can share pictures of my finished work. For now, you'll have to read and use your imagination!

I took the plunge long has it been around now? I've never been a trendsetter nor a trend follower. So why am I blogging now? Well, I want to join a hot cocoa exchange, and this is a requirement. So be it! Besides, it might be nice to have a place to kvetch when I feel like it.

The name of this blog refers to my children.....four of them. When they were young, they would argue over who was eating more popcorn than whom. I solved that by telling them they could eat only one kernel at a time. For some reason, it worked. It occurs to me that life can be taken in the same kernel at a time.