Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New Endeavor

I've always loved to create.  There is a certain satisfaction to looking at something and saying, "I did that!"  My favorite forms of expression are crochet, knit and sewn items.  As most handicrafters know, you don't always need to have a use for it when you make an item.  Because it's not the use that's exciting, it's the crafting!  Many, many items are simply given away.

So, along comes my co-worker who enjoys crochet.  Well, that was enough to endear me to her, but then I suggested she learn to knit, as well.  And I offered to teach her!  Oh, the little bit about her living in Minnesota and me living in Florida was no hindrance at all.  Say hello Skype!  Yep, we did our "classes" online via Skype.  And I must say, Angie is now one heck of a knitter!

Well, one thing led to another and we decided with all the options out there in cyberspace, we would try selling our handcrafted items.  After much research, we chose Artfire as our outlet.  We blended some of the letters from each of our first names (Carla, Angie) and came up with grace....more to the point, crafted with grace.

Please, take a moment to visit our "store" and see what we've done.  Click here to be transported and see all our creations!

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