Monday, November 1, 2010

Sew challenging

Like many sewers (when did that become a word instead of seamtress or tailor?) I have a plethora of fabric, notions, beautifully colored threads, patterns and unfinished projects.  I went back to some of the oldest projects and decided to begin there and move forward.  I bought the fabrics for these stuffed animals (along with the pattern) back in 2001.  Yes, you read that right....2001!  I am hanging my head in me :)  The animals have long flat arms so they can be tied around each other in a hug.

The puppies were sent to one of my grandsons, and one set of bunnies was sent to a co-worker's daughter.  The other set is waiting to tell me where they want to go.

Kai's puppies

Pink and blue with stars bunnies

Ember's bunnies

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